Meat / Seafood Dept.

When you visit Jimmy’s Shop’n Save Meat Department, you will find a very experienced and professional butcher shop staff. Whether it’s for a holiday celebration, your next meal or a dinner party, our meat department associates are eager to meet your needs.

 People come from all over to purchase Jimmy’s fine and well trusted selections of meats. If you need a custom cut, help with filleting or trimming, or just some advice on food safety and storage, we would be happy to help you.

At Jimmy’s Shop’n Save, we offer the highest quality of meats such as rib-eyes, sirloins and London broils to name a few. We also have a full line of boneless and bone-in pork and USDA Grade A Poultry  These are the same kinds of grades you will find in all the best restaurants throughout the country. Our select cuts have superior texture and marbling for consistently juicy, full-flavored and mouthwatering flavor in every bite.

Our commitment to bringing you the best does not end here at Jimmy’s. We also cater to a diverse range of customer needs including extra thick and thin specialty cuts, pre-cooked meats for  those in a hurry, and marinated, infused or artfully designed meat and veggie combinations ready for the grill or broiler. How about teriyaki steak or tips for dinner tonight or Chinese ribs, barbeque marinated or garlic pepper chicken.

Ground Meats

 At Jimmy’s, we offer a large variety of ground beef, turkey, and even pork, so you can make any of your ground meat recipes with a variety of choices. Choose from a variety of grinds, from 80% to 95% lean ground beef always ground fresh daily right here at Jimmy’s or 85% to 99% ground turkey. We also supply ground pork.

 Like all of our departments, if you are looking for something and we do not currently stock it, please feel free to talk to us and we’ll see if we can accommodate your requests. Please feel free to visit our PRODUCT REQUEST PAGE.

Also, please browse our weekly sales flyer or meat freezer specials for some great savings on items from our Meat Departments.


DSCN0773Freshness from our seashores.  Also please be sure to check out our seafood section and the sales items we have from the greatness of the sea.

When you shop at Jimmy’s, you’ll see we have an excellent seafood selection ranging from choices such as fresh swordfish, mussels, steamer clams, haddock, or specialty and unique items which can vastly expand your dinner choices.

How about atlantic salmon, pollock or cod? Live lobster, fish or crab cakes or dry sea scallops?

At Jimmy’s we raise the bar on our standard for freshness with our desire to bring the greatness of our seafood from the docks of the ocean to the docks at our store.