Deli / Bakery Dept.

Our deli and bakery associates at Jimmy’s Shop’n Save are eagerly prepared and trained to deliver outstanding customer service. We couple this service along with in-store fresh baked products and the most popular deli brands that you want and trust.

If it’s quality you desire, then come and visit our deli and bakery department. Our deli products are always fresh and always sliced exactly the way you like. From our ovens at Jimmy’s to our bakery shelves, our breads, rolls, muffins and pastries are deliciously fresh, often still warm out of our ovens and always delicious.

 Thinking of fresh black forest, Virginia baked, maple & brown sugar ham, rotisserie chicken, shaved roast beef,  or one of our many loafs we have, then stop in at Jimmy’s. How about all natural turkey breast, black pepper turkey or any of our trusted Taste of Inspiration lines ranging from pastrami to corn beef plus so much more.

 How about our cheeses which range from american, provolone, mozzarella, Swiss, cheddar and many others. We have dozens of varieties of cheeses that range from domestic brands to that exotic international variety to pair with your favorite choice of wine.

We offer the highest-quality of meats and cheeses complemented by  our selections of potato, macaroni, and cole slaw salads as examples. 

What makes our deli meats so special? These fresh, nutritious and always popular meats are low in fat and high in protein. All of our deli meats are hand-prepared using the highest of quality and health standards.

Throughout the store you’ll find a wide variety of freshly made muffins, pastries, cookies and many other treats from our ovens and a nice assortment of breads and rolls baked daily in our state-of-the-art ovens.

At Jimmy’s, you can order freshly made sandwiches comparable to a classic New  York style deli, or experience the very best brick oven pizzas to go, or to enjoy in our dining area.

For you convenience, we also have a nice selection of in-store prepared foods and meals such as chop suey or shepherds pies, or some delicious and popular meal recipes ready to be warmed up in just minutes. Offering in this service, we  feel we provide and fine alternative for those on the go, understanding that so many of us are pressed for time with busy schedules.

Our staff here at Jimmy’s Shop’n Save are always ready to serve you, answer any of your questions about our deli products or free to take your suggestions and good ideas.


Mark your calendar for that pot luck supper, family gathering or business function or call us in advance with that small or large hungry group in mind. What a better offering than a custom meat, cheese, finger roll or veggie platter artfully created for your specific needs. We also have fruit baskets in a variety of sizes.

Check out the “neighborhood deli” section of our weekly sales flyer for some great prices on your favorite deli meats and cheeses.